Register 2013 BJP

Registration Dates for the 2013 BJP:   November 6 - 25, 2012

Email your registration to:

It’s wonderful that many of you are eager to join the BJP for another year! Beginning immediately, you can email your registration information to April, our Registration Angel, at the address above. Please note that your registration must be received no later than Nov. 25th.

To register, you need to answer the questions below and email your answers to April. We suggest you highlight and copy the list of questions. Paste the list on the message area of your email. Answer the questions. Then, send it to:

  1. Your full name, first and last.
  2. Your web name or alias, if you have one.
  3. Your email address. Please give us your “best” email address, one that is not likely to change during the year and one that you check frequently. (Note: in most cases, we'll only contact you about your registration.)
  4. Your home address.
  5. Your telephone number.
  6. Do you have a website? Y/N – If yes, what is the URL?
  7. Do you have a blog? Y/N – If yes, what is the URL?
  8. Were you a registered participant in any other Bead Journal Project? Y/N - If yes, how many years have you participated?
  9. If you are a new participant, where did you hear about the 2013 BJP? 

You are welcome to participate, even if you didn't finish your projects this or previous years. You will hear from April within a week or so, letting you know she received your registration. Then, a bit later, you will receive an email invitation from Carol to be a contributor to the 2013 BJP Blog. The blog is open to the public to read, but you'll need to respond to Carol's invitation in order to post.

Thank you for honoring the process. We're all excited to be able to participate another year, and want to ensure the process is efficient and smooth for everyone!

Welcome, from the 2013 Team!
Robin A. - Mama Angel
April Z. - Registration Angel
Linda K. - Blog Angel
Carol H. - Detail Angel
2013 BJP Blog