Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Work From Stash and One BAP for 2009, Week Eight

Feb 25, '09 2:43 PM

I finished final tieback (the one on the far right) on Monday, February 23, 2009. They really are all the same color --- it's the different times of day and backgrounds that caused the color shifts.

Now these need to be finished too! Items to be finished are piling up by my sewing machine...

I have to decide on the next project now. I have two, both of which my husband has requested. One is the salmon ("Spirit of the Sockeye" from The Stitching Studio, based on a painting by Blaine Billman) as a gift for his brother; the other is a floral alphabet (designed by Permin of Copenhagen and published in "Just Cross Stitch" Volume 27, #2) for him (he's a Master gardener and "into" flowers!). I'm thinking since it makes sense to give him the alphabet for our anniversary, and the fish aren't "due" until Christmas, that I'll start the alphabet and see how it goes.

Meanwhile, I'm procrastinating by sorting and organizing floss. I'm about 1/3 down with DMC... When I get it sorted, I'll post a photo, I promise!