Friday, March 29, 2013

Double Infinity's little jar for March

My eleven year old daughter is trying to get involved in my projects lately, so even before March 1st arrived, she opened my box with the remaining 10 lampwork inspiration beads in it and made her choice for March. Her BFF's birthday is 3/11 so she picked one that looked 'celebratory and fun'. We then moved on to the seed beads and the colors were selected. (I helped a bit more than she would like because, after all, I'm the one who does the beading and who will have to look at the jars form my beading table!) The supplies sat on their little tray for many weeks, but now I am happy to say the jar is completed. The colors actually remind me of Mardi Gras, and since Easter is in March this year, you could even say it fits into that scheme. I can say how happy I am with the way the little piece on the cork top turned out. I finally got one to lay flat! And I love how I put the larger 6's on their side. My daughter is already asking to 'open the box' to pick out April's inspiration, but I told her she has to wait! See you all next month.....

Birthday Muse

For my birthday on January 22 I received Thom Atkins' book Beading Artistry for Quilts and I was inspired to work (play) some more on my stars for 2012's BJP. By February 22 I had finished two more stars. I will post photos on my blog. I made the trip last year to LaConner Quilt museum to see Thom's work and was awestruck. I took lots of photos but we all know that viewing a piece in person tells a different story than photos. This book is full of inspirational photos and some sage advice.I highly recommend it. Thanks Thom.
Here are parts of the two stars I have finished and I have another in progress and so many ideas that I don't know sometimes where to on to beading...Vickie
Summer Sizzle

Tide  Pool