Thursday, March 8, 2012

Double Infinity - March "pie slice" in Chalcedony

This piece started quickly, hit a rough patch, but is now finally done. I am really happy with the way it turned out :) Take a look and see for yourself.
The inspiration for my 2012 Beaded Journal 5" pie slices comes form the Book of Revelations and the description of the 12 Foundation Stone of the New Jeruselum. The third stone is CHALCEDONY, in which can be found found 'the flame of inner charity'. Funny how things work out because this month I was asked to take over a ministry I've been involved with at my church!!!! Anyway, when I read what the third stone was I was so happy because I knew I has 2 pale yellow chalcedony beads in my stash; you just don't forget a name like that. I then purchased a string of pale blue chalcedony spikes and my pallet was born. I quickly found some vintage yellow hexes I thought matched well and some 11's in a metallic teal sort of color. OF course, you'll find the swarovski lochrosens in this piece as well as the large pearl (representing the gates into New Jerusulem) and the tatting which I refused to put in my drawer upon purchasing it. One thing I like about the BJP - i use up lots of my stash!!! Here it a photo of Jan/Feb/MArch together. Can't wait for April...