Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Double Infinity's SEPTEMBER pie slice in Topaz

This month's pie slice came to be a little differently than the others. It seems like my September pieces always have a twist to them, perhaps because I started beading with my mom and she died in September five years ago. For my other 2 BJP entries for September, the difference is really obvious. For this entry, it is not. Basically, I did not feel up to looking through my bead stash, although I'm sure I would have found lots of topaz beads to work with. So I actually purchased a 'topaz bead mix' and am quite pleased with what I got. The design you finally see is the 3rd one I set up on the pie slice. The other 2 were very linear, and that might have been my attempt to but some routine back in my life with the end of summer and the kids back to school! As always, you will find the pearl at the small end representing the gates into the New Jeruselem as depicted in the Book of Revelation. Vintage tatting runs across the wide end to tie the pieces together. For those of you interested, the desciptions I have been giving for the stones have come from Rabanus Maurus, Archbispho of Mainz (786-856). Topaz, it seems, represents' the ardent contemplation of the prophecies". Anyway, you can see the piece below. Hope you like it.