Monday, August 13, 2012

Here is my August crazy quilt block:

The color palette can be found here: . The grid I used was block 59 of the "I dropped the Button Box CQ" over at Pin Tangle.  Because of the stars in the red fabric lower right, I decided to use stars elsewhere on this block --- and luckily I have LOTS of star-shaped buttons so... I experimented with a button cluster, a la "Kitty and Me" to cover up a very long seam and acute angle as defined by shawkl.

While the colors in this block are somewhat subdued, they do include some from previous blocks (notably the two darker browns, the black and the dark blue). I also continued with the signature chain stitch swirl (here in a beige and in black beads) and using the crystal bead string as seam treatments, so there is some continuity among blocks.