Friday, August 31, 2012

July and August, Finally

It seems I can't just finish one month's piece and post it on time; my goal is for September's piece to be completed on time and posed before the end of that month. I finished both of these over a week ago and have just taken photos and uploaded them (downloaded them?) to my computer. Each piece has approximately a 2" diameter and is both a pendant and brooch.

July is all about our trip to England, where we took a workshop at Gaunts House, near Wimbourne. It is near the Jurassic Coast, where there are lots of fossils. So, the main component is an ammonite, which I purchased at Avebury, a small village surrounded by a henge (circle). There are quite a few henges in that area, especially well known is StoneHenge, which we also visited, as well as an earthen henge without large stones, closer to our retreat. I beaded a circle of bugle beads to represent the various henges. The weather was awful for most of our trip, and the puka shell, with it's wonderful colors, is for the rain, all the blues and greens. England was really lush and we had a wonderful time in spite of the cold and rain.

August's piece is about love and family, as Art and I celebrated both his 70th birthday and our 49th Anniversary. I used 49 pearls, including the large Mabe pearl to represent each year. 

So, that's it for the last two months. Happy beading!