Sunday, October 21, 2012

Caught Up At Last

Sorry I have not kept up with my Journal Posts, but I finally have the pictures ready to post. July is titled Raven Brings The Sun..a little tongue in cheek, since he didn't bring much sun this "Summer",however we did have some beautiful Fireweed, that also bloomed and went to seed in record time. August is all about the beautiful Dragonfly that stayed around for the month, landing almost on my hand one day when I was sitting outside beading. I guess he just wanted a closer look at the beadwork. September is all about the beautiful Swans that nested in the Lake behind our house. They had 7 Signet this year. I tried to get some pictures of all of them together, but never was able to. For some reason they just don't co-operate when you want them too. Hope everyone had a great "Summer", we are in to Winter already, had some snow already and the temperature is a balmy 27 at the moment. See you with my October contribution next week I hope. Happy Beading all.