Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Double Infinity November Slice in Jacinth

This month's piece has been done for awhile, but with the holiday and painting my youngest daughter's bedroom, I'm finally getting around to posting it now.
This month's color inspiration is Jacinith which is like hyacinth or a burnt orange-ish. I got a lovely vintage cab and some fire polish beads from A Grain of Sand, and finished the piece off with a few beads from my stash and some tiny white mags. As always - there is a pearl at the end representing the gates into the New Jerusalem, and a few scattered vintage lochrosen for sparkle (!) and the tatted edge. Seems I bought a lot of the tatting last December, and will have about a yard left after next month. Into the drawer it will go until I need it again... I think this piece has a very feminine feel to it, especially when it is hung at the 11 o'clock spot with the others. You've got to wait until next month to see them all together though! Now you know I've been giving the meanings of the stones as described by the Archbishop on Manze, Rabanus Maurus, and have been putting them on the back of my piece. This month's is so long, I don't think it will fit! Here it is: 'in the hyacinth, the celestial rapture of the learned in their high thoughts and humble descent to human things out of regard for the weak'. Wow. FYI: I put the word out to the Houston Bead Society about the 2013 BJP and got one new member. I Can't believe we are already planning for another round!