Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Registration for 2013 BJP is now open!

Hi Everybody,

Register now until November 25th for the 2013 BJP!!! We hope you'll join us for another great year of beading, visual journaling, and friendship.

Please click on the link in the banner at the top of the page for registration information. It's the one that says Register 2013 BJP.

It's also a good time for you to invite your friends to join us. New members are very welcome! Please feel free to post a link to the registration information page. Just go to it, copy the URL and paste it on your blog.

One question that gets asked every year is this, "If I didn't finish this year's pieces, can I still join next year?"  The answer is "YES!"

BJP 2013 will begin in January, 2013 and continue for the entire year. The idea is the same as this year: make one piece per month; use some beads on each piece; make each month's piece roughly the same size and shape; and, in whatever way you can, visually describe what's important to you during each of the months. That's it. Participation on the BJP blog and/or your own blog is optional.

If you have other questions, please email me: robin[at]robinatkins[dot] com.

Hope to see you again in 2013!

Robin A.