Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Looking Forward to Another Year

Hi! I'm Marty S, also known as Crackpot Beader. I'm delighted to participate in the BJP for the fourth time. Although I've not been an active blogger this fall, I have kept up with the beading and now have only December's page to finish. You can see what I've done on my blog Crackpot Beader.

I've been thinking about how to approach the 2012 BJP. I can see that in the past I've approached the project in three different ways:
1. Using the Bead Journal to process something going on in my life
2. Using the Bead Journal to express a particular value, characteristic or attribute
3. Using the Bead Journal to explore artistic expression

Which works best? I don't know. Which did I like best? I don't know that either.

What I do know is that, for me, the product is much less important than the product. It's what I learn along the way that I value most.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's work and learning from all of you.

Marty S
Crackpot Beader