Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Time to get re-energized!

Hello all,

I'm glad to be a 2012 BJP-er and will confess now, I am one of the perpetual behinders!  I have been a BJP-er since the beginning, but have only completed the first year of BJP.  I managed to complete 8 for my second series of BJP, but haven't completed anything related to beads in ages.  That will change ! (at least that's my current plan).

My first BJP pieces were 4" x 6" (below is one, now in a private collection).  I started with this small postcard size as I was brand new to beading.  I have now learned that while I love the heavily beaded encrusted look, that is not currently my style.
DNA gone wild! 

My second series is closer to 8" x 10" in size and features portraits with bead embellishments.  Below is my February 2009 piece, which reminds me of a Madam in the Wild West running the local saloon.
Queen of Hearts
I think this year I will work with a square shape, possibly... I'm still deciding ....
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Cathy W  in Houston, Texas