Monday, December 19, 2011

Tahlia: BJP plan

Hi all. I am new to BJP! I've done a little beadwork now and again for many years. I've made jewelry, I've made stitch markers (for knitting), I've done some bead-weaving... but my first love is quilting and embroidery, and most often I use beads to ornament my stitchwork. :)
This year I decided to join Sharon Boggon's TAST challenge (Take-A-Stitch-Tuesday) over at Then someone nudged me to join CQJP (Crazy Quilt Journal Project), so I signed up for that too. I figured I could join the two projects together, and practice my TAST stitches on my CQJP blocks. :)
Then someone mentioned BJP, and I figured, hey! why not!! I can join all three!
So now I'm committed to TAST, CQJP, and BJP, not to mention my real life and occasional swaps and workshops and stuff.
My project for BJP is going to be a set of little (about 2-inch diameter) beaded mandala appliques like this one (partially finished) which I created to try to estimate whether I would be overcommiting myself:

The mandalas will be appliqued onto my CQJP project, which I will be discussing in more detail on my home blog:
and on the TAST study group blog:

My CQJP is going to be a peacock-themed crazy quilt, with 11 wedge-shaped tail blocks and 1 body-shaped block. I plan to put one beaded medallion in each tail block, and make a 12th medallion to become a brooch or pendant.

It's good to meet you all!