Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February pie slice in sapphire by Double Infinity

Well I've actually been done for quite some time and have been enjoying the view of 2 months of my New Jeruselem stone inspired 2012 BJP pie slices hanging on the wall. Now it's time to let you see it! From the Book of Revelation, "And the wall of the city had twelve foundation stones...the second sapphire." Sapphire is symbolic of 'the height of celestial hope" which I found conforting since choas seems to be the norm around here now that my girls are getting older (10 and 11. I know - it will get much worse!!!). When I think of sapphire, I tend to think of the deeper blues, but Mother Nature has given us so many color variation of this gemstone to choose from. Searching my stash, I decided to use light sapphire as my color inspiration. I found a really cool and old (?) 'chessboard' cut oblong cab and 2 smaller blue cabs which I thought matched nicely. Lots of bling - it's just hard to see all of it since there are 6 roundells with swarovski stones set in the edges. Again, I used a pearl at the small end (supposed to be found on the gates into the city of New Jeruselem) and tatting along the curved edge. When placed next to January, these two elements really connect the pieces well. I had planned on using some gold beads on each piece since "the street of the city was pure gold", but I found that it was too harsh for the softness of the piece. Instead, I used 15 charlotte's in pewter. Again, there is a lot of fluidity to the piece and I just stopped when it felt right. In fact, I was working at such a pace, I almost forgot to put the quilt batting between the piece and the ultrasuede on the back! Hope you enjoy viewing my Feburary pie slice in sapphire.