Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Let me introduce myself...

Hello to all the fabulous beaders in this blog. I have been following this blog for years and have always admired Robin's work and felt fortunate to feel connected to others who create with beads through this site. In my first year I began a journalling project that seemed tame but proved daunting. Those 5"x7" pages were great for about 6 months then, not so much! I have about 8 finished that will eventually go up on my blog. So, my plan for this year is to create within a very small space. I thought I had decided on the plan for my years' work; a study in color theory beaded on a fairly small pendant. Then I could hang them or frame them, but my focus shifted completely when not only my daughter became pregnant but also my son's wife! I have designed the shape that will be uniform throughout the work and have decided to relate not one but two pieces to this glorious process that will be growing and blooming as the year progresses. And yes, both together are still smaller than my first atempt! Lesson learned. I will still incorporate color theory, of course and the gemstones and beads chosen for each month will somehow be related to either our feelings, the moms or what might be happening. At least I have a to move forward! I have the stones for January mounted in place, now on to beading.
Rose Mary J from La Quinta, California