Sunday, February 5, 2012

January Brooch/Pendant

I finally decided what I wanted to do, so I'm a few days late with January's piece. Each will be a 2 in circular brooch/pendant. In each, I'm playing with color and will do something new. This month's piece is representing the Chinese New Year of the Water Dragon.

The Dragon's color is a bluegreen, and blue is the color for the water element. The Dragon likes amber and opals, so this explains my use of color this month. The Dragon bead is carved bone. The arch of briolettes under the bead from the right are Kyonite, Turquoise, Kyonite, lapis, and a glass dagger bead. I've also used pearls, Peruvian opals, and Dalmatian Jasper in addition to more turquoise and lapis beads, as well as glass beads. The front of the piece is completed, however, I thought I had the finding I wanted to use but discovered that I didn't, and the back isn't completed. So, I am expecting them to arrive this week, but I didn't want to wait to put it up on this site. I will show another photo here when it's completed, or will include a link to my website for my entry for February.

My "new" this month is the wave stitch. I'm starting to decide what I want to do that will be new for February. Have a fun beading month. I plan being on time from now on.