Monday, April 30, 2012

Tahlia: April (and February!)

I'm making beaded mandalas that will be attached to a crazy quilt wall hanging at the end of the year. Here is the one I created for April:
Plus, I finally got around to making a mandala specific to February! That was a crazy month (and shorter than I expected, even with leap year adding an extra day!), so I ended up featuring the mandala that I had originally created for January, except that in January I lost track of it before I could photograph and share it, so I ended up making a second January mandala and using my first January mandala for February. April finally gave me an opportunity to create a February-specific mandala, though:
...which means that I have one extra mandala (the one that I originally shared in February) to hold in reserve in case I fall behind again. ...except that y'all have already seen it. Heh! I guess I'll just have to try not to fall behind!