Friday, December 7, 2012

2012 is the Year of the Dragon so here's Rhodri Y Ddraig Goch
(Roderick the Red Welsh Dragon)

Earlier this year we spent 2 weeks in Wales and there were red dragons everywhere so, when a friend gave me this little one, he had to be a Welsh dragon. She'd bought him at a car boot sale (like a garage sale) for 20p (very cheap) and she challenged me to bead him. I think he makes a fitting finale for 2012.  Again, mostly 15s, plus a few 10s, crystal toenails and fiery eyes. I left most of his wings unbeaded as it would have made them droop too much and I like the original material anyway. I had to give him a couple of horns on his head and one on the end of his nose - the little white fangs make him look cute.  More pix on my blog.