Saturday, December 15, 2012

Connie - December's (Final) BJP 2012

Wow, is this really the end of the year!  It has gone quickly.  I decided to finish off the year with a lacy snowflake.  We have had a draught here in the Midwest for several months and I am hoping for some moisture in the ground and a beautiful white Christmas.  I thought maybe one snowflake would get things moving.  I made this one up as I went along and I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

This year of beading has been such a positive experience for me and you have all inspired me with your creative work.  You have set the bar high.  I have a ways to go, but feel I have learned so much just by observing, asking questions and practice...along with lots of patience.  I have especially learned that nothing is gained by rushing through the process, but rather to slow down, do the best I can and enjoy the experience in order to get the best results.  Thanks so much to all those instrumental in forming this group and in keeping it operating.  I won't be participating in 2013 other than following your creations, but I am sure I will be doing some beading periodically throughout the year.  Hopefully I can join up with the group again in 2014.  I look forward to seeing what you all come up with in 2013!
I have decided to turn my BJP2012 into a banner and will share that on my blog when I complete it, so I hope you will check back.  I am working on my CQJP 2012 wall hanging currently, but my hope is to complete the banner for this before the end of 2012 or in January at the latest.