Friday, January 6, 2012

Behind Every Crafty Chick....there are beads on the floor !

Hello all and Happy New Year !!
I am new to participating but I have been a voyeur for a while. I must admit that BJP has definitely aided in my bead addiction !! I am a crafter. I do a lot of different things but have reeled myself in to doing wearables and accessories (I use recyled jeans for a lot but not all of my items).
I started with beaded embellishments but NOW.... I have a loom and make beaded straps and I SWEAR, I hear beads talking to me :o)
I love the fact that the project is starting in January and I have chosen the signs of the muse ~ a wonderful piece of fabric "Astrial Works" from the Alexander Henry collection. I am backing it with felt and whatever other wonderful fabrics that appeal to me.