Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Form vs. Content

This was a big discussion in my Media Communications class back in the 70s (oops! am I dating myself :-) ). When discussing television media, we were looking at the difference between the actual form and the content and how they influenced each other.

What does this have to do with beading? I think I have at least chosen my structure! I have always been intrigued by Robin and how she works with fabric. However, I bead very tight and the few times I beaded on fabric I had problems with tension. The softness of the fabric can be difficult for me to bead on.

I love Lacy's Stiff Stuff for beading. So I think I will experiment with attaching fabric to Lacy's (interfacing? glue? basting?) and see if that works.

Of course, I do not yet have a shape in mind, but at least I am working on one aspect of form. I think (hope) the content will come once I start beading!

Jean G