Saturday, January 28, 2012

January BJP Piece

Well, it's finished. As expected, the beads take me sometimes, and sometimes not. There are parts of the piece with conscious meaning to me, and others I was trying a technique or color combo or just keeping going!

The size is 2.5" by 2" (63.5mm x 50mm) approx. For much of the time I worked on this, I shut off TV, computers, printers, monitors, etc to get the room as quiet as possible. Working in a pharmacy there is a constant noise of printers, computers, monitors, faxes, lights...and it makes such a difference to turn them off. Of course, then I can get no work done!

Here at my bench, though, the quiet is nice, and only the Ott Light (desktop-folddown type) is on. I even took the batteries out of my mouse to eliminate the red light! That reminds me, I unplugged something to plug in the Ott Lite and did not reverse the process. Everything I want to work is working though, so maybe it's the old useless printer up on the shelf...

There is never complete silence because I have a lifelong case of earworm. Today, on my own, I came up with the intro to the old Bugs Bunny cartoons (Overture, hit the lights...sorry :-) Then my husband is belting out Copacabana in the shower. Could be worse. It went on for hours (in my head) until I had remembered almost all the lyrics I had forgotten over the past 30 years of not listening to much Manilow. Of course, Dave does not know the lyrics and poor Tony is shot dead in all 3 verses, sad to say.

I have no current inspiration for February. It's cold. Not Arctic cold but cold for Anchorage (low -20F : high -5F). Yeah, minus. No wind though, and sunny like it usually is when it's this cold. I have gloves on with the fingers cut off. Earlier I had a qiviut headband on. There not much on the planet that is warmer for the weight.

I designated this day a "no website work, no housework, nothing but doing what I would do if I could play with beads whenever I wanted" day. Most of last night, too. I wanted to prove to myself that I could at least get one month of BJP completed! Oh it's also a "not wasting hours surfing mindlessly on the Internet and spending money on things I don't need" day. But the day is not over and the computer is back on...

Good night :-)

Ooops! I thought I was writing this on my own blog. I am going to try to move it. Success! But sorry if it shows up in both places. So I will also sign in case it does.

Cindy A. ( I can't find a way to remove this yet - the whole post, not my name! )