Wednesday, January 11, 2012

BJP 2012 under way for Double Infinity

I have cut out my 12 pie slices (equaling a 12' circle) from Stiff Stuff and covered them with a lightweight cream colored linen-like cotton using wonder-under. Right off the bat I realized the center 'point' might pose a problem... I am a 'collector' of things and stopped by the antique store while my girls had an after school actiity last week and bought 2 1/2 yards of tatted edgeing and told myself - you have got to include this into your BJP - no more stockpiling!!! Now onto the theme. I know we are supposed to 'journal' and I really did my first year. Each piece really represents something to me. With my next BJP I went encrusted and had a 'focal' bead that I let direct the project. This year I really didn't want to 'commit' to encrusting or to spending hours finding a fabric I wanted to use, so - I thought i'd come up with a theme. Now with 12 months the obvious choice was zodiac signs and I was almost there, but not quite sold on the idea. So I started googling 'twelve' and came up with the 12 foundation stones of the New Jeresulem as outlined in the Book of Revelations. NOw I am not trying to tout religion, i'm simply using them as a starting point, and actually learning a little bit too! It states that the streets are 'paved in gold' so I will incorporate some gold beads in each piece. The 12 gates are referenced to be made of pearl, so I will have a similar pearl bead in each piece also. So far, so good, huh? The first stone is JASPER and represents 'the truth of faith'. I had no idea there were so many types of this gemstone!! I didn't like the marquis cuts I first bought, so I had to wait for a pendant to arrive in the mail. During this time, I went through my 'stash' and pulled out the stones I already have and am ready to go the whole year! (Of course, I'm sure i'll change my mind about a few of them as time goes on.) AS mentioned, the point of the pie slice presented a problem to me, so I simply put a round pearl on the end and the tatting on the outside curve. THese elements will be repeated each month and will lead a sense of continuity to the finished emsemble. Oh - and I also bought a "workspace destash" from etsy that had a ton of lochrosen which I will also put in my pieces. Yep - i do love my sparkle! I have determined I am done with January, but am still thinking about what to back it with and how to edge the piece. Here's what it looks like now. Much more impressive in real life :)