Thursday, January 5, 2012

Welcome, and my plans for 2012.

Hi everyone! It is so exciting to see everyone here, posting about their plans for their 2012 Bead Journal Pieces. It sounds like we will have a diverse group of this year. I am loving the support and encouragement I am already seeing. That being said, I think I have my plans made. Many of my long-time followers have been with me the last 3 years I was involved with the BJP. I have always undertaken large pieces, very heavily encrusted and involved. This year, I am scaling back a bit. Photography has taken a big space of my creative focus, so I have decided to incorporate it into my 2012 BJP. I have decided to do an approximately 3" square using some of my nature photos as inspiration. I plan to journal the bugs, birds and butterflies as well as flowers and plants I have photographed over the past year as my BJP. I wish everyone well with the new year and their journaling. If I can help in any way, I am here as both "Mama Angel" and a friend! Welcome!