Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bobbi K

I had the great pleasure of meeting Bobbi K in person just after the first year of the BJP, at a time when she was in remission. I've rarely met someone who so instantly made me feel comfortable, like we'd been childhood friends. We like the same beads and the same fabrics and we both love cats, ocean, art, simple life style... and the list goes one. I've been concerned for her these past few months when she didn't answer my emails. I'm sorry now that I didn't just pick up the phone and call her. Those of us in the BJP since the start will miss her optimistic comments and beautiful, sensitive, spiritual beading/blogging.. As Carol said, "good bye, dear friend... may your continuing journey be blessed...."

Not in the same breath, but after a bit of a pause, I also want to say that I'm blown away by the work I'm seeing this year! I'm so ready to get into it! The book is almost finished... And when it's done, the very FIRST thing on my list is to get caught up on my Jan (and by then, Feb.) BJPs. I think I'll do ATCs this year... maybe back to solid beading... haven't done that in quite a while (not since before the first BJP!), and I'm very drawn to the work by those of you who are doing it! Thanks for the inspirations!

Robin A.