Thursday, January 19, 2012

Guess it's done - Double Infinity

I have backed my January jasper 'pie slice' with dark brown ultrasuede and a picot edging. I tried to keep it simple since it will be displayed next to 2 other slices. My entire circle is 12" - yep, i used a frying pan to get the outline! - so each 'slice' is about 3" at the top curved edge with the tatting, and 6" long. The white pearl is placed at about the 5" mark. I keep looking at this and asking myself "is it done?" I have so much time left this month!! BUt I like it up against the wheatgrass wall where it will be hung. I have never gone back and worked on a 'finished' piece before. Let's see if this one stays as is :) Got my beads ready for February, but I won't start early. THat takes all the fun out for me :)