Wednesday, January 18, 2012


January completed, but I think I've bitten off more than I can chew to create a piece this size every month. It's taken a good few hours, but I've enjoyed every minute (except when I made myself undo the foxes because they were too fat!) The oval is approximately 9" x 7". I tried a smaller one, but it didn't do what I wanted. I've used 15s for most of the picture and some slightly larger beads (11s?) for the snow on the trees. The support is an old cotton napkin which I painted with acrylics. The inspiration comes from watching fireworks from our garden to celebrate the New Year. The trees represent a Christmas tree which was planted by the first people who lived in our house about 70 years ago. Last year it was heavy with snow, but we haven't had any yet this winter. Two little foxes came into our garden 3 years ago. One became a regular visitor and brought up two lots of cubs nearby. Sadly she has gone now, but she brought me so much joy. I'll put some more photos of 'January' on my blog in a little while.